Author of Urban Fantasy and Horror

Doomsday (formerly Tainted Love)

​The magicians have been exiled, no one dare speak of the half-men who roam the territories in the dead of night, and a wall protects the metropolis of Bal’Mor from the cities that have kept to the old ways. Peace has reigned in Bal’Mor since the end of World War Three, thanks to the security agency, Triune. But the rise of a powerful magician, bent on revenge, threatens the safety of all.

Investigator, Remington Jones, is an exile herself. Considered a parasite by the Confederation and forced to live in The Underground with other parasites, Remy has acquired fake documents that brand her a normal and allow her to live topside, illegally.

Remy may be one of the best investigators in the Confederation, but this case taxes even her abilities. Mainly, her ability to survive. She has to outsmart a magician, destroy a few thousand zombies, and figure out why it seems Triune--the organization that's supposed to be protecting everyone--is at the center of all the unrest. Complicating matters further, in order to solve this case she has to work with Vincent Hall, the second in command at Triune, and his team of genetically enhanced humans.