Author of Paranormal Romance


At one moment she was walking down the aisle, about to marry a man who doesn’t love her; at the next, she’s being kidnapped by a very large, winged creature with long raven hair and a lot of muscles. Charity always thought she was meant for something more. More success, more romance, and maybe even more adventure, but this wasn’t the kind of adventure she had in mind.

The fallen angel, Raven, has been released from centuries of imprisonment to find escaped fallen angel, Azriel. Azriel has set his sights on waging war against mankind. Step one in his plan, free the Nephilim, an ancient race of beings exiled from the earth. Neither Azriel nor any non-Nephilim creature can cross the barrier into the land of the Nephilim so he must find the last human with Nephilim blood.

Unfortunately for mankind, Charity, has no idea who she is. Even after Raven finds her, he must convince her of her ancestry and take her to safety before Azriel finds her. Raven knows the price of failure, what he does not know or expect is that his Nephilim quarry will be so enticing it takes all his strength to keep from seducing her.