Heather Elizabeth King

Author of Dark Fiction

The Chronicles of Stella Rice: Book Three

They introduced her to a world of forbidden pleasure and sensual submission....but will that be enough?

In The Chronicles of Stella Rice: Book Three, Stella has a chance at a “normal” relationship. Will she go forward with a man who can give her everything she’s ever thought she wanted, or will she stay with Jake and Dev, the men who gave her everything she never knew she needed.


Warning: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, mild bondage, and sexual Domination.




The Chronicles of Stella Rice: Book Two

In the continuing erotic narrative of Stella Rice, Stella embarks on a journey of sensual discovery that awakens her in ways she's never imagined. In an ironic twist of fate Stella, has managed to acquire not one, but two very sexy, very domineering lovers. And to Stella's delight, both men are committed to making her innermost fantasies a reality.
But just when Stella begins to think she is the luckiest of women, her ultra conservative mother demands to know who her daughter has been entertaining into the wee hours of the night. Between nights of erotic play with her lovers and days spent shopping with her girlfriends, Stella must decide if she cares enough about the new men in her life to risk letting them meet her family.

WARNING: Contains very graphic sexual content, adult language, MMF, and BDSM



The Chronicles of Stella Rice: Book One

After one too many bad dates, Stella Rice gives up on men. Happily-ever-after doesn’t seem to figure anywhere in her future, unless it means being single in Baltimore where her closest companions are her three best girlfriends. But a trip to the gym and an unexpected encounter with her domineering kickboxing instructor, Jake Santos, leads Stella to wonder if she should give the man/woman thing another go. With a successful business, an exclusive home on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and stunning good looks, Jake seems like the perfect man to pull Stella out of her dating rut.

Half Puerto Rican and half Native American, with a mane of long sable hair, Jake Santos has the kind of dark good looks that make him impossible to ignore. What Stella doesn't know is Jake has secrets that will make every other man from her past look like a saint.

WARNING: Contains very graphic sexual content, adult language, MMF, and BDSM