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The Talhari is an ancient order created to protect the world from supernatural creatures. Although the Talhari is a secret organization, operating in the shadows, we were able to find out a few interesting facts about them.



The Talhari are organized, powerful, and seem to have a limitless supply of money at their disposal. We don’t know the source of their wealth, but it’s evidenced in the motherhouses and the extravagant lifestyles of the order's elders.

Talhari Elders – Talhari elders are the ruling class and the most dangerous of the Talhari. They make the laws that govern Talhari and also have the power to excommunicate members of the order.

Talhari who murder must come before a tribunal of elders. Those elders decide whether the offender can be reformed or should be executed.

Nobody is sure where the elders reside or even if they all live in the same place. From time to time an elder is sighted, but never followed. Elders are among the oldest of the Talhari and the most powerful. Caution must be used when in the presence of a Talhari elder.



Motherhouses exist in cities throughout the world. They are the local watchdogs on the world of the supernatural. As far as we can see, this is how they are set up:

Secretary General – Head of the motherhouse

Librarians – Five reside in each motherhouse. They are responsible for researching creatures that exist in their region and identifying their weaknesses. Though beheading works well on most supernatural creatures, some beasts have the ability to regenerate body parts. Yes, even heads.

Historians – Three reside in each motherhouse. They are responsible for maintaining the historical record of the Talhari. They also assist the librarians in researching previously unknown creatures. They focus on learning the history of these creatures and discovering where they originate.

Criers – Five reside in each motherhouse. They are responsible for staying abreast of news stories involving supernatural creatures, as well as stories that are out of the ordinary and may have a supernatural origin.

Warriors – Five reside in each motherhouse. They are responsible for fighting, capturing, or killing all supernatural threats within their region.



Taboo When an ancient evil stalks the streets of her cozy hometown, journalist Sydney Taylor is forced to look to a stranger for answers. But things get far more dangerous when the stranger proves to be as deadly as he is sexy. Can Sydney trust him enough to put her life in his hands?


Outlaw – Trina Evans is a CVH, a certified vampire hunter, and she’s on her first Talhari assignment. Forsaken, the goth rock band, has made a name for themselves by playing the kind of hard edged music parents are afraid to let their children listen to. These four, darkly sexy men have employed the gimmick of vampirism to sell albums. What Forsaken’s fans don’t know, what it’s Trina's job to find out, is if it’s an act. What Trina isn’t prepared for is the dark sensuality of Forsaken’s lead singer, Umberto.

Umberto Pena is on a mission. A sinister organization has been sending agents around the world to murder his kind. For Umberto, the hunters are now the hunted. He and Forsaken plan to destroy every member of this organization, starting with Trina Evans. Unfortunately for Umberto, Trina appeals to him in ways he’s never imagined.

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Outcast – Story details coming soon.


Wicked – Story details coming soon.